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Pregnancy Exams

  • Palpation or ultrasound to diagnose pregnancy starting at 28 days bred

Vaccination and Parasite Control Programs

  • Custom designed to control and prevent diseases on your farm

Bull Breeding Soundness Exams

  • Evaluation of bull health and fertility prior to use during breeding season

Embryo Transfer

  • Flush donor cows and implant direct thaw or fresh embryos

In-vitro Fertilization

  • Perform Ovum pickup for the IVF process and implant the fresh or frozen embryos

Necropsy/Diagnostic Services

  • Determine causes of disease outbreaks to put control measures in place

In – house Hospitalization

  • IV fluids and rewarming for young calves with scours or other diseases

Fecal Exam

  • Evaluate parasite burden to develop a control plan

Emergency and Sick Animal Care

  • 24 hour emergency service as well as routine sick animal examination and treatment

Regulatory Work

  • Testing and documentation for movement of cattle including export shipment        

Drop Ship Services

  • Supplies, vaccines, and medications can be shipped directly to your farm.
  • This service saves time and decreases biosecurity risks.