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Herd Vaccination Programs

  • Designed to prevent and manage disease on your farm

Reproductive Examination

  • Utilizing routine palpation or ultrasound

Reproductive Management & Programs

  • Synchronization programs customized to your farm

Treatment Protocols and Best Management Practices Documentation & Evaluation

  • We work with each farm to evaluate procedures, diagnostic techniques and treatments     for conditions and diseases.
  • Our goal is to have effective treatments with reduced drug cost and residue avoidance.

Team Meeting with Your Production Team

  • We can lead or be a contributor with your farm staff, nutritionist, genetics provider, banker, etc.
  • Team meetings allow for whole herd evaluation, issue identification, bench marking and action plans.

Record Analysis

  • Review & analyze records from Dairy Comp, PC Dart and AFI.

Herd Acquisition Planning

  • Preplanning and evaluation of incoming animals to avoid costly disease issues.

Replacement Heifers

  • Monitor of heifer growth and health status

Nutritional Services

  • Ration evaluation and formulation review, feed stuff analysis, review of rations and     feeding procedures to maximize productivity and control cost.
  • Nutritional management consultation to increase productivity and decrease metabolic     diseases ie. DA’s, milk fever, ketosis
  • Team approach with current nutritional consultants and providers.
  • Lab testing and interpretation of feed ingredients and rations.

Milk Quality

  • In clinic milk culturing
  • Evaluation of bulk tank, clinical, and subclinical milk samples.
  • Computerized milk culture reports include cow and herd summaries
  • In parlor evaluation of milking technique, parlor efficiency, teat end scoring, strip yields and milker training
  • Evaluation of parlor cleaning and sanitation practices.
  • Milking system evaluations following NMC testing protocol

Additional Reproductive Services

  • IVF- We are the first practice in the area to offer on farm or in clinic IVF services.
  • Genomic sample collection.
  • Flushing of donor cows and implantation of fresh or direct thaw embryos
  • Semen evaluation.
  • Bull breeding soundness exams.

Testing and Interpretation

  • BVD Sampling
  • Diagnostic sample collection in disease outbreaks or abortions
  • Post mortem exams and associated diagnostics
  • Colostrum management and evaluation including total protein or Brix reading     

Regulatory Work

  • Testing and documentation for movement of cattle including export shipment

On Farm Delivery Service

  • We provide vaccine, drug sales and supply delivery to your farm making purchasing easy and inventory control timely.

Drop Ship Services

  • Supplies, vaccines, and medications can be shipped directly to your farm.
  • This service saves time and decreases biosecurity risks.          

Emergency and Sick Animal Care

  • 24 hour emergency services as well as routine sick cow examination and treatment